Another water crisis hits Katima Mulilo


Katima Mulilo – Another crippling water crisis has hit Katima Mulilo only a few days after water shortages hit the town last weekend.

A pipe burst is the cause of the latest crisis and might take several days to repair due to the difficulty of its location.

The pipe runs under a building at the Zambezi Waterfront and Tourism Park and is believed to have succumbed to the weight and pressure of the building on top of it, resulting in the burst.

Although acknowledging the seriousness of the situation, the water superintendent for Kavango East and Zambezi Region, Joseph Mulisa, was reluctant to say how long it would take NamWater to repair or replace the pipe.

“Whether we have a new or old pipe, sometimes they can just burst but in this case we believe that the weight of the building might have caused the burst. Unfortunately it’s difficult to say when the pipe will be fixed. Our technicians and material are on the ground and we are working around the clock to resolve this problem,”said Mulisa.

Mulisa dismissed claims that material needed to repair the pipe still has to come from Windhoek. He also stated that the building affecting the pipe would have to be removed to avert a similar crisis in future.

“It is our intention to remove the building depending on the situation. The possibility is that if the building is left in this alignment, the problem might occur again,” said Mulisa.

The building, a part of accommodation infrastructure at the Zambezi Waterfront, stands on top of the pipe that supplies water to residents of Katima Mulilo who number over 26 000.