Zambezi Public Library

The Library will provide you access to thousands of books, a quiet study place, and a museum filled with African Crafts.

Katima Open Market

Located in the heart Centre of the town, a taste of Zambezi bream and cultural farm foods, clothes, crafts, art, and livestock. All of Zambezi’s culture in one place.

Wooden Bridge

A swimming pool, access to the river, refreshments, boat cruise, and entertainment. The best place to refresh your mind.

KMTC Guest House

Have a rest; rooms are equipped with air-con, and free WiFi, come and enjoy, your peace of mind in a quiet and secure place. Free private parking is also available on-site.

Zambezi Waterfront

Hosting a group of hut-shaped rooms for accommodation. The area gives you access to a riverside view.

Baobab Prison Tree

A historic site, the baobab toilet is now older than 62 years.